Have you heard the saying: Too much of something is not always good for you. Or a quote very similar to that? I agree.

In life, there’s something called balance. We should all aim for it. Sometimes its not realistic if we’re trying to achieve something. Sometimes its absolutely necessary to maintain your sanity.

What do I mean by my last two points? Let me put it simply.

Sometimes we have to sacrifice something temporarily in order to reach that goal

And this can cause us to be unbalanced. What’s out of your normal schedule then? Less sleep? More reading? Less hours working out per week? More bad carb intake? Staying later in the office for an extra hour per day? Taking work home? This isn’t bad as long as it’s temporary. Sometimes we have to do what we have to do to get somewhere in life. Long term takes on these things, however, can have serious consequences to your health. Your health is more important than anything you’re chasing. Money comes and goes, your body parts don’t.

Ready to dilute drinks require water. Why? It’s too sweet to drink alone. The more of it you add to your cup, the more water it needs to balance the sweetness to taste. That is how I treat balance in my life.

To-Do-Lists helped a lot when adding hours I want allocated per activity.

When I started doing this, I couldn’t believe how I wasn’t using my time effectively. I would spend the whole day watching a TV show. My eyes are screaming at me saying I need a break! Now that I balance my day with multiple tasks with exercise, my productivity increased. I use Microsoft To-Do as it’s available on the Mac Store, Windows, Android and App Store, easy to keep track of tasks on the go.

Saying NO.

Are you shy like me? This word probably doesn’t exist in your vocabulary. But then look at your To-Do-List. It looks crazy because you couldn’t say no! Learn to say no when it’s unrealistic or you don’t have the mental capacity to complete the required task(s). Yes, you have to let someone down but it’s at the expense of your sanity. What’s worth more?

Also, unexpected situations can happen at any time. This is life after all, right? The weight of it can overwhelm you to the point it’s impossible to carry on. Learn to say NO until you feel better.

Accept doing the bare minimum is okay

Of course this does NOT mean you should treat those you love with a lacklustre attitude. I’m speaking from the perspective of doing what you can, and offloading the rest of the tasks the next day or scattered throughout the week. If possible, ask for help.

Know your rights

Have you noticed your manager telling you to finish break early to continue work? That doesn’t count as a break. Enjoy your one hour lunch to your heart’s content. You’re not getting it back and the company isn’t paying you. There’s a reason companies have breaks. Take rest breaks every hour from the computer. Go for walk. Get fresh air.

To end, balance is on a case-by-case basis as it depends on so many factors. It may not apply to a single mother on a low income with three kids under the age of 5; it’s not realistic. It may apply to a young student who has their bills covered by student loan paying no rent. It’s important to apply wisdom where you can, and exercise what right you have.


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