Gossip pages aren’t for me, and I’ll tell you why

I used to follow all of them. Why? I liked hearing about the latest gossip. What was going on in the entire football transfer market. Who broke up with who. How has this person bounced back from a breakup. What’s going on in the music industry.

But you know the thing about all of this? I was investing in allegations.

Unless the information is coming from the original or trusted source, it’s not genuine until proven. Yes, there are times where common sense puts things together and they’re clear as day. However, clarity is important.

So. Why are gossip pages not for me?

For a moment, they look like heroes. Then it’s business as usual.

What do I mean by this? Let me use UK Instagram gossip pages as an example. They’d highlight important things going on in the world e.g. taking a thread of trending Tweets on men needing to open up. Positive right? Moments later, the same page will post Will Smith’s depressed face as the running joke taken from a conversation he had with Jada.

How did we end up with that? Where is the consistency? You can’t highlight social issues then create content which contradicts that!

Why do I need to know this? How does this benefit me?

Life is moving so fast. One minute, a bomb has landed in four countries. The next minute, President Trump has said something crazy on the news. The minute after that, lockdown has ended. What are you feeding your mind? With the influx of information, you’re exposed to more fake news. What steps are you taking to protect yourself?

And there’s a link to that with anxiety

So imagine this. You’re not happy with your body shape. You’re constantly engaging in gossip pages. What do you see all the time? Perfectly chiselled bodies. Teeth white. Skin with no blemishes. The comments under those pictures/videos are the opposite sex going crazy. How does that make you feel? Uneasy right, cause when you post your pictures on Instagram, no one seems to pay attention. You start to feel anxious about yourself. Inadequacy seeps in. Your mood changes.

On the flip side, everyone says you look great. Brands want to work with you. Instagram likes booming. But you don’t see it because you’ve scaled beauty by what you’ve seen in gossip pages. So you feel average. No. You’re not.

Be careful with what you feel your mind with.

It can defame someone’s character

And these pages know what they’re doing! How can you tarnish someone’s life like that? Star claimed Katie Holmes was a drug addict.

A drug addict?

This was false and she won an undisclosed settlement. I’m glad she got justice for this.

What would you do if a gossip page said you’re cheating on your girlfriend with no evidence whatsoever?

I’d do this, knowing that gossip spreads faster than fire:

That’s exactly what happened to Russell Brand. The following week he wrote how distressing the whole situation was. The Sun was refusing to take it down. He won his case and won a settlement.

If I was to list all the celebrities that’s been affected, you’d be shocked. This blog would be so long. Gossip pages are known for tarnishing the brand of celebrities. They’d go as far as spreading a rumour just for engagement. Is a life only useful for clicks?

While I agree on the argument that social issues are being raised and communicated to different audiences, it won’t get taken seriously in the long run if you’re mixing it with hypocrisy throughout your page. So many companies were dragged on Twitter by users as they’re only advocating for black lives now when George Floyd died. Our lives only mattered in 2020? Shocker. The BBC created an article discussing if companies truly support the cause.

I digressed a bit, but you get the point.

Hope this helps! I would love to get your opinion. Comment below what you think, or you can reach out on my social media platforms.


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