Why I don’t argue online

*Opens Twitter*

Okay, let’s see what’s trending today…

*Trending topic is about the right way of making our cereal… for the 732nd time*


It’s okay if someone makes cereal differently to you. There’s more important things to talk about. By the time I’ve finished eating my bowl of cereal, you’re still complaining? What’s wrong with you!

Please understand I’m not a party pooper. These conversations make me laugh and it’s interesting how every household have ways of doing things differently. For me, it doesn’t need to be a dissertation. Make your opinion and keep it moving. Or better still, ignore it.

So why do I not argue online and keep these sort of conversations to a minimum? I break it down with the following points:

Conversations lack emotion, tone of voice and body language

This is pretty much the basis of why I don’t argue. You can’t have a serious debate without human interaction. The exchange of body language, tone of voice, timing and delivery whilst speaking is so important; you are constantly judging yourself and the other person to process what to communicate next. There’s times I’ve said to my friends that certain topics require a phone call or 1-on-1 interaction. Why? A lot of points would be missed if communicated in alternative ways.

It’s very difficult to do this with johnskin29358283 that you met 5 minutes ago on Twitter.

People take it too far

Sometimes I ask myself if people were birthed solely to argue with people they’ve never met before. The dedication is scary, almost as if they’re getting paid to debate. It’s okay to have an opinion and let it rest there you know. You can agree to disagree. They’re behaving like trolls. In the context of arguing online, internet trolls are designed to make your life hell by always creating an issue out of nothing based on what you’ve said, no matter how well you’ve articulated your message. It’s to provoke a negative response from you.

Once you spot this type of behaviour, block them.

Their opinion is fact

This is the most annoying person on planet earth. No evidence to back up your point, everything is just opinion yet you’re portraying it as the only way. I appreciate how passionate you are about it but it’s not a fact. A lot of things in life are subjective, and because it is, we all have different opinions on everything.

Everyone feels like they HAVE to say something. No. Shut up.

Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent.

Proverbs 17:28 ESV

Not everything requires an opinion. In some situations you could be doing more harm than good. Keep scrolling.

People talk for exposure. Not to listen.

To top it all off, this is the cherry on the pie. People choose what to respond to, missing the whole meaning of the message. You’ll end up going back and forth on something that could’ve been resolved so quickly. And their main priority is to make themselves look better than you.

All for a like? A retweet? Temporary glorification of random strangers rating how well you’ve insulted me? Is that all I’m worth?

Those are the reasons I don’t argue online.

Why don’t you argue online? Do you find it pointless? Tiring? Not a good use of time? Let me know in the comments or my socials are listed below and we can have a conversation.


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