Men, how’re you doing?

I haven’t forgotten about you. My blog was inspired to speak on things we like to avoid. It’s been a strange few months in lockdown right? Gyms are now opening up. Football back on our screens. Our favourite restaurants available for takeaway and eat in.

But there’s a big elephant in the room.


Yes, you reading this.

How have you been?

The rise in COVID-19 deaths every single day. How did you deal with it? Being the older brother, father, husband, how were you able to stay strong as the man of the house?

I know it hasn’t been easy for you. You probably cried internally, not wanting those around you to worry whilst staying strong. Wanting things to go back to normal right? Me too.

I lost my job and found a temporary assignment on minimum wage. My previous employer didn’t want to furlough me. It was one of the hardest things I had to accept this year. If you asked me at the beginning of 2020 what I wanted: a 2nd promotion, my bonus and being debt free (including phone contracts). This went out the door after my 2nd week in the new year.

If you’re self employed or have a side hustle, you can relate to this one. I had to clear my schedule because none of it was happening. Heartbreak isn’t the word! Another source of income was on hold. I can’t meet with friends. I can’t make additional money. My previous salary compared to minimum wage meant a drastic change to my spending habits. How can I do this?!

So what helped me keep going?

That this experience will soon pass and I should embrace my emotions

It’s fine for me to feel the way I’m feeling. This isn’t normal circumstances. I know that the end will soon come. And once it’s come, I can ask myself how to learn and stay ready.

The constant check ups from my friends and older people.

A simple ‘Hey Femi, you’ve been on my mind. Just wondering how things were.’ went a long way.


Yep. You guessed it. I read my Bible more in this time than I usually would. And the comforting words of the Bible gave me peace where my anxiety would blow up.

Minimum wage isn’t the end of the world

Yes, I can’t spend or live life how I used to. But I’m grateful I found another job whilst it lasted.

Payment holidays

This took a heap of stress off my back; it didn’t affect my credit score negatively and I was able to use my income with more flexibility.

Music + Podcasts

I listened to a lot of it. From video games to openings of my favourite shows, neo-soul to rap and gospel. Think of that game that brought happiness from your youth. Sonic 2? Streets of Rage? Crash Bandicoot? Then listen to the music on YouTube (or if you’re lucky, Spotify!). This puts me in a good mood.


I used Penzu (not affiliated) to journal every thought I had. Usually when I write blogs, I’d check it over and over for mistakes. In my journal, I rarely do that. I type exactly what is on my mind. Why? You may find things you weren’t expecting. They have an app (which works offline) so you can write your thoughts there or on a laptop.

Things are going back to normal, but it will take time for normality to be 100%

So don’t rush yourself. Take time. I hope the above helps!


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