A small win is still a win

First of all, let me apologise for my absence. I had NO desire whatsoever to blog from the end of May til mid July. The pandemic was tiring me out, I was so lazy with so many things. Kept ordering out, stopped going for my daily running at some points. Mate! I think I’ll write a post on this.

I’m back. Someone’s probably saying ‘for how long til you run away?’ Lol, I can’t answer that! Be thankful I’m writing! Haha.


You need to celebrate ALL your wins no matter the size! Do you know how amazing you are as an individual? Can I repeat that?

Do you know how amazing you are as an individual? You have great qualities. Yes you!

Don’t undermine your achievements. Don’t let anyone dictate how much praise goes into a win for you.

One of the greatest wins most people reading this post can experience is waking up under a roof over their heads.

But why don’t we celebrate the smallest wins? I think it’s due to us not seeing them as significant compared to other major wins we’ve had in the past. Social media amplifies this to another level. We feel like we can’t share our win because it will only get 2 likes and 1 comment whereas sharing our proposal picture taken yesterday will get 4,000 retweets.

I’m gonna provide a few examples, then play devil’s advocate because we do this all the time in the subconscious part of our brain. We feel like we don’t deserve the accomplishments in life. This is commonly known as imposter syndrome.

  • When you make breakfast for your family and everyone tells you your cooking is amazing? Win.

Imposter syndrome – maybe my spouse told the kids to be nice and not pull faces at the burnt parts of the rice, so the food is most likely terrible and fooling me behind those smiles. Bless their souls.

No. She did not tell them that. Your food is great and has always been good for the last 20 years you cooked. The rice isn’t burnt, where are you looking? It’s the sauce! Stop robbing yourself of a blessing you’re worth receiving!

  • When you dress up and your spouse falls in love with you all over again? Win.

Imposter syndrome – I haven’t had a haircut in 4 weeks. Does she really find me all that? Why did she pull this reaction now and not when I’m wearing ordinary clothes?

She doesn’t love you just because of a haircut (if she does, run away). She loves you regardless of what you think! When you wear something different to common everyday clothes, there will naturally be a different reaction. Take it as something positive! Blush. Spin the win and say it’s because of her you like to dress up.

  • Applied for jobs consistently for 4 months with numerous rejections then finally getting a job? Win.

Imposter syndrome – The recruiter doesn’t know me the way my friends do. There were more qualified candidates for the job. I’m gonna do a shabby job. My skills and experience weren’t enough, they made a bad decision.

No. You have experience. You have the skills to do the job. The recruiter believes in their judgement to choose YOU over God knows how many applicants. That is humbling. Take that on your chin and be proud someone believed in you.

As you can see, we have a habit of being our own enemy when we accomplish something.

Stop it.

Start acknowledging you’re worthy of the great things that happen to you. It’s not because you cheated, you worked hard for it. Even if you feel like you don’t deserve it, learn to see it from the other person’s perspective.

Mindtools gives you 6 ways to help overcome Imposter Symdrome. Hope this helps someone!



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