Productivity vs Reality in a pandemic

At the time of writing this (23rd April 2020), the world is currently facing a pandemic of a virus that doesn’t have a vaccine. This is causing an increase in deaths globally on a daily basis. Governments across the world are encouraging everyone to wash their hands and maintain social distancing. As we’re not allowed outside our houses unless we absolutely have to, this has created positive and negative things happening. A group of individuals on social media have used this time to stress the importance of chasing after your dreams, up-skill, improve health, exercise, do things you never been able to do and they’ll compare it to you putting hours for a company that’ll replace you easily. While I agree, I don’t agree.

I’ll tell you why.

We’re in a difficult time. Whether you like it or not, the circumstances are not normal for the vast majority of people. I’ve seen loved ones lose family members a few streets away and having to watch funeral services online. Healthcare services are stretched to the limit, adding salt to open wounds neglected by our government for years. Over 26 million Americans lost their jobs within the last five weeks as a result of this virus. Adults and children use education and employment for escapism from the household issues occurring daily.

It’s not so simple to be productive. With all these things going on, it can be overwhelming.

But Femi, you can just turn off the news. Turn off the negativity. You’re right but you can’t turn off real life.

Be mindful telling people to be productive. I know it comes from a good place. You want people not to gallivant and waste time. Not to have regrets of “oh I should’ve done this, should’ve done that” but understand that this situation is affecting people in unprecedented ways. The last thing on their mind won’t be making extra money or fulfilling that childhood dream; it may just be surviving until tomorrow.

It’s good that you can bounce back from the chaos, but if others can’t do that, don’t belittle them. Be of good cheer and rapport. I would encourage you to be encouraging.

Yes, let’s be productive if we can. Don’t be hard on anyone if they aren’t. More importantly, support each other.

Sending positivity and love your way. I hope you hear good news in the week you read this. I know times are tough and I wish they were better. All the best with your job search, stay safe and look after your family.


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