Looking for work during the pandemic? Don't lose hope.

I was laid off from my job middle of February this year, and it’s been tough landing a new one. Most of my former colleagues are in the same boat as me. The difficulty spiked when coronavirus was spread throughout the UK at unprecedented levels in March. To hear back from a recruiter, yet alone get to the interview stage was near impossible to obtain.

My birthday’s soon and I’ll be spending it in quarantine. Boo.

All of this doesn’t mean I’ll lose heart. I will find something. Sooner or later.

So will you.

Tesco are recruiting temporary store positions all over the UK for immediate starts. They’ve shortened the application process with interviews to take place within a matter of days (or in some cases less than 24 hours!). Why? COVID-19 has sent shoppers into a frenzy to stockpile on essentials, making demand the highest it’s been for a long time all over the world.

Here are more stores offering immediate starts:

Asda – apply online

Iceland – apply online

Morrisons – pop into your local store with your right to work documents

Lidl – apply online

Check with your local NHS as they’re in need of support due to the shortage of nurses and doctors.

Most of you will be reluctant to apply because it’s just retail, for students/those with no education and embarrassing to replenish stock in front of everyone. One thing you’re forgetting is that it’s a job that pays the bills and by assisting stores, you’re helping demand ease down. You’ll also be labelled a key worker meaning you can send your child back to school. Check with your school/borough/local council for more information.

Apply for jobs when you can. Enjoy the free time you have that you won’t get for a long time.

For residents in the UK, check if the government initiatives support your financial situation. Select Employment and financial support to see the options available. To my readers across the world, please reach out to your local government.

Don’t lose hope. I’m optimistic that this will end soon.

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