Stuck indoors feeling bored? Here’s some things you can do to keep busy.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a current pandemic happening across the world in 2020. A lot of people are used to having the freedom to go anywhere, do as they like with minimal restriction. Now governments globally are advising people to stay indoors.

This is driving people crazy.

Introverts are loving it.

But… I have some things you can do to keep yourself busy:

Make a budget plan

You need to have an idea of how you’re spending your finances. This should include takeaways, bills, online deliveries and necessities. I used the Personal Monthly Budget on Spreadsheet123 which has helped me monitor my finances. I uploaded it on Google Sheets so I can edit anywhere: at work, on my phone, tablet and computer.

I’d strongly advise making notes on your spending should you not want to use a spreadsheet. Figure out what works for you. You can check this site which shows you the best budgeting apps.

Listen to that album you’ve postponed for ages! Better, try a new genre of music

You may realise you’ll like specific songs if you gave them a chance. We’re so used to listening to the same thing, not trying out new things. As I type this, I’m listening to Snoh Aalegra’s – Ugh, those feels again for the first time as I never sat down to give it a good listen. I really like it so far.

Spotify has Release Radar which drops new music from artists every Friday, and Discover Weekly which is similar to Release Radar but provides music you may have missed from an artist you like. This drops every Monday.

YouTube auto-generates playlist mixes based off the music you listen to on that site. Once you’ve listened to a few songs and you click on the mix, you’ll see similar music under the playlist. Happy exploring.

Dust off your old games console, bring the kids/siblings/family together and play

Some of you reading this have an old Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64 or PlayStation hiding somewhere. You remember the good old days of playing with your siblings and friends. Why not relive it again? You know you may never have this type of experience whilst being young with all this spare time again. Embrace it.

Don’t own a games console but not willing to fork out loads of money? No problem. You can pick up the Sony PlayStation Classic or Sega Genesis which is pre-loaded with games and comes with two controllers. What about the classic Monopoly board game? Snakes and Ladders? Snap? You’re never too old to play…

Read a book you like

And that’s the key. It needs to be a book that grips you from reading the summary/blurb. I’ve finished reading Single by K. L. Slater which has the craziest twists I’ve ever read in a book. Some of my favourites that may interest you:

Don’t read for the sake of reading, you’ll get bored.

Learn how to cook. Finally!

You can’t get away with spending money on takeaway all the time. After all, it’s unhealthy and expensive. Now there’s no excuse not to learn with the wide amount of resources available. There’s many tutorials on YouTube with accurate guidance on making your favourite meal, cook books, your parents, wife, husband… even your child!

From making Spaghetti Carbonara to Chicken Fried Rice, you can spice up your personal menu and improve your diet.


Always wanted to know how to VLOOKUP on Google Sheets? Looking into Project Management principles used with PRINCE2 and Agile? Want to learn how to code? Edit photos on Adobe Photoshop? You can. The answer:

YouTube and Google Search.

Free learning material exists on that site you wouldn’t believe it. I learn’t how to wave my body using this tutorial. Couldn’t do it before. I can now. Something to sustain my terrible dancing at parties.

If you have LinkedIn Premium, you can access skill learning for free. Complete modules successfully to obtain awards which stay on your LinkedIn profile, good for attracting employers (formerly known as Check it out.

Invest in your side hustle

This is a great opportunity to spend more time working on your projects that you rarely had time for. My plan is to write more posts as people have more time on their hands, which can lead to better engagement and new visitors. Better to take advantage of the situation than let it pass me by.

Why do any of the above?

You’ll be in the best position to apply for jobs when everything’s calmed down. Having more skills gives you a better selection for choosing a job you want.

Your time will be used efficiently. Spending it doing things to improve you will less likely make you regret not using your time.

Everyone is at home – you’re not missing out on anything. Trust me.

This pandemic won’t last forever. You’ll be okay.

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