“Put yourself in their shoes, you don’t know what they’re going through”

It’s so easy to look at life and complain how it isn’t fair.

The rich man has everything he wants. The women. The cars. The luxury. He’s so privileged!

You discover later on in his life that the rich man finds it hard to trust people. He can’t find love without someone only caring about the money he makes. He struggles to have genuine friendships.

You look at the rich man and complain he’s not allowed to feel that.


He’s a human. He’s allowed to feel like that.

The funny thing is, we subconsciously think like this. We look at celebrities like they’re gods; those with wealth, fantastic posture and/or supermodels to be immune to everyday issues. We act shocked when they go through rehab or do something completely uncharacteristic.

They have a heart like everyone else.

They have problems.

They experience heartbreak the same as everyone.

Money can’t fix everything.

Some did not ask to have this life...

There isn’t a machine they have where you can top up emotions such as love to keep you going.

It doesn’t exist.

My advice is if you have celebrity friends, treat them how a friend wants to be treated. Listen to them. Protect the secrets they tell you. Show apathy. In those moments, your friendship is priceless because money can’t buy it.

Imagine logging into Twitter and seeing everyone disrespecting your mum because of her weight and/or looks. This goes on for days and weeks. The person who’s looked after you for 30 years. You know her inside and out. But people you’ve never seen in your life, didn’t help raise you or pay bills are teasing for the sake of engaging content or it’s fun.

How would you feel?

Upset. Angry. Ready to fight everyone you see, right?

Now imagine celebrities having this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from internet trolls all over the world. People that stalk them everywhere they go. Putting up their private address in public forums. Those who create revenge porn/fake stories to defame their character.

In moments like those, celebrities want real friends they can count on when all this happens. It’s easy to say that they should just deactivate all online profiles, but what if that’s their main way of generating income?

Genuine friendships are available to everyone. The amount of money, your status, gender, age, sexuality or job position doesn’t invalidate this. We are born to love and be loved.

Put yourself in their shoes, you don’t know what they’re going through.

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