2 months (and two weeks-ish) in the social media break

So I logged in my social media accounts on the 28th March around 11am to 5pm’ish to check what I’ve missed, respond to pending messages…

Can I be honest?

I felt like I didn’t miss anything.

As nice as it was to see the influx of beautiful images, funny memes, emotional videos and all… I was losing interest. In truth, I wanted to just continue my break.

I think, at the end of this break, I want to limit social media use to a few hours a week where I just use it, post what I post, interact, share other peoples content and then log out.

I’m genuinely happy I’m reading more (currently on my 4th book this year), spending time with friends in person, going out and honing my crafts.

Also, don’t feel like people are entitled to know about your life online. The sad reality is this: no one cares. It’s so important to do you everyday and live for a purpose. Those friends you can count on your hands are there for life. Cherish them.

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