Tips on wowing a woman on the first date – Part 1

It starts on how much you know about her. This will put you in a good position to surprise her and be a date to remember.


  • Girl A – likes flowers, bright colours and sweet food like cakes and sweets. Every Wednesday she has a half day after work. She mentors young students every Thursday and Friday evening.

You can take her on a tea date on her half day, dress up with light colours (or have something light worn) and give her flowers. Try white roses. Bring up the young students she mentors, tie it in with how her intellect will blossom into them. Speak on school memories.

  • Girl B – works 9-5, doesn’t like Thai food.

It’s harder to work with this. There’s too many cuisines to choose from. What if her job is so stressful that she doesn’t like going out after work? What about her weekends?

Have you thought about sending her an itinerary?

The main point of doing this is to show her that you care about her journey and that it’s as painless as possible. She will notice this and tell her friends in the group chat.

  • Are you driving?

Confirm that she’s not paying petrol. If she doesn’t want you to drop her home, advise you’ll order the Uber. If she resists, let it be. Don’t force anything. Let her be in control.

  • Public transport?

Tell her the best way to get to the date. Again, like above, if she knows a better way then let her be.

Remember to confirm you are paying everything and she should come to enjoy herself

In all these small efforts, you’re establishing in her mind that you care about every detail. Women remember things like that. You’re almost guaranteed a 2nd date. She would’ve made her mind up before the first date was over.

In Part 2, I’ll talk about grooming and being yourself.

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