1 month in the social media break…

Hope you haven’t missed me too much.

Jokes aside, this feels great. At times, I do miss it but sometimes I don’t. My phone doesn’t die as quick and I’m investing my time in one main thing that I’ve found difficult to be consistent in.


I struggled finding time to read. I invented excuses to say there isn’t enough time in the day to read. Truth be told, I was extremely idle on social media. Wasting sometimes up to 1 hour a day, which could be used better.

Now I’m on my 3rd book and I’m halfway finishing it.

If you’re reading this feeling afraid that you’ll miss out with daily trends on social media, you can take it one step at a time. Try limiting to using it a few hours per day. Or you can attempt one day a week without it like on a Monday. My opinion? You aren’t missing out on anything. Trust me.

Sometimes my siblings share what happens on Twitter when Love Island is on. Everyone on Twitter is rude! Saying some of the most outlandish things you wouldn’t say to the contestants. More the reason to stay away from that app. Ha!

In all seriousness, whatever happens on social media will stay. So I can pick up on all the important and funny content later. It’s not running away. As my parents say, it doesn’t have legs.

Let me know in comments below or reach out to me what you want to know whilst I’ve been away.

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