Work 9-5? And people are mocking you working for someone else?

I saw a tweet of someone laughing at a person working for someone else…

Answer these questions for me, say Yes or No.

In the past or present, has someone mocked you working for someone else? If yes, does this person pay for the following:

Your phone bill?

Electric or gas bill?

Gym membership?

Spotify/Apple Music?

Netflix/Amazon Prime?

Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom/After Effects membership?



No? Did you say no to all or some? Exactly. These people are not financially aiding you to live, yet they’re mocking you for having an income. Even if they’re paying everything, they can’t dictate how you should go about your career. It’s your choice.

Are those same people investing in your side hustle? Buying your products/services? Watching your YouTube videos? Promoting your business on their social media pages? No again?

These type of opinions online or in life… stay away from it. Whoever wrote it or says it to you doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Yes, they may be making a point that you could make more money being self-employed, but that isn’t easy and it’s not for everyone. From handling your own taxes to understanding your marketing strategy, sales, finances, distribution, supply etc. some can’t handle all that stress.

Honestly, don’t stress yourself with people’s opinions. They are just that: opinions.

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