It’s okay to be broke

Hear me out first. Trust me, I’m okay at the time of writing this.

Seriously, being broke in itself is not a bad thing. It’s what you do whilst being broke that matters.

Think about it. If you’re at home & all you do is play games, watch Netflix, demand money, have sex, eat with no contribution at all towards the house for weeks and months on end, you’re a bum.

I thought this site was suppose to build up my confidence and make me a better man Femi.

Yes, that’s why this site exists. But I can’t hold your hand in every situation. The truth has to be laid bare.

You are profiting off your family/girlfriend by living rent-free, using your time inefficiently and not offering help. How do you expect to be respected? You refuse to apply for jobs, draft multiple versions of your CV, pick up new skills, cook food for the house.

Okay, flip it the other way. You have a daughter. She tells you all the wonderful things about her boyfriend. You are happy for her. She brings him to the house. You exchange words to find out he hasn’t got a job & is broke. No problem, you say. You later find out he doesn’t help his family with basic day-to-day things in his home and refuses to apply for jobs because they’re too long of a process.

How can you take him seriously? He has no money, no desire to work let alone push to get what he wants in life and eventually he’d want to marry your daughter? You’d laugh, right?


Guys. When you’re broke, don’t be upset. Ask yourself how you can utilise what you have around you to the best of your ability.

Do you like to cook? Look up recipes. They generally have ingredients which are cheap to buy and tasty once cooked. Save yourself some money.

Do you like to write? Start a free blog and just put words down. You’d be surprised how far you’ll go. Then you can work on having a structure later. You could use your blog as a selling point later on in life!

Do you like to take pictures? If you have a phone, there you go! Learn the basics of lighting and you’ll be a professional in no time.

Struggling to look for work? The hardest thing about this as men, is admitting we’re hopeless in finding work. Reach out to your friends. Ask them to review your CV. Tell them to submit your CV to their respective HR for potential employment.

I could go on and on.

Being broke is not a terrible thing. Doing absolutely nothing about it is where the problem lies. It doesn’t help that social media fools people into thinking everyone has money. Trust me, they don’t. I did touch upon it on a general consensus here which you can read. Don’t buy into that lie. Focus on yourself. Your dreams. Your job applications. And ask yourself what you can learn in this season of being broke.


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