His success looks sweeter

He’s 55, posing with his new Tesla car gift from joining one of the most luxurious companies in the world.

All 5 of his children have grown up, gone to Oxford and graduated with 1st class certifications. All employed within 3 months of graduation. Student fees covered by him.

His wife, co-owner of a massive corporation, was paid out £1.1m in bonuses alone. She’s currently working with every chart topping artist in each country to create a similar platform like X Factor.

I just made that up. All of it.

Why did you do that to us Femi. You had me shook. Like, as a man I’m not doing enough.

Okay. If this was real, I’ll tell you one bit you missed. The man is 55. Also, why do you think you’re not doing enough because you compared your life to him?

In his 55 years of living, he was learning during his early years at school. His parents were instilling habits of work first play later. He sacrificed some weekends and early finishes to obtain experience to set him apart from the competition. He didn’t do this overnight. He struggled. Peer pressure almost made him quit, but he kept going.

Okay Femi, what about those who are big but they’re young? Like Stormzy?

Stormzy has been rapping from a very young age. He seized a great opportunity to sneak diss an artist who called him out on a diss song, and clap back at J Spades & Big Narstie who mentioned him as a backup dancer on the BRIT Awards stage. He used those words in a song called Shut Up which was a big success. Most people don’t know it’s a sneak diss song!

The difference is that Stormzy didn’t wallow in the comments received. He didn’t cry and call it a day. He used it to his advantage. Look at him now. Sponsored by Adidas. GSAP has the most first-week streams for a debut album in London. He headlined for Glastonbury. That’s something not anyone can do. Massive!

But not everyone is a Stormzy, or the 55 year old man I just imagined. Most of us won’t touch that level of success at those ages, how would we handle it? Imagine not being able to go to your corner shop to buy something because a large group of people are constantly waiting, watching just to get your autograph & pictures of you everyday. Manipulating stories, blackmail, haters, your past dug up, instigators trying to get a reaction from you. How would you handle that, the fame? How will you cope with all that money? Would you lose your mind? Will you attack your wife because you’re now the breadwinner and everything you do and say is final?

One of my favourite anime’s of all time is One Piece. The aim of the anime is to obtain the One Piece – it is said to be an enormous amount of treasure located somewhere secret. The main protagonist of the show, Monkey D. Luffy, has wanted this as a kid. He trained under highly influential people, he’s obtained a crew, escaped death many times, suffered the loss of his brother which drove him to become stronger, he gained battle experience over the years to make him a formidable fighter and is now one of the most powerful pirates of his generation. He valued one thing in the entire process: the journey.

Yes, I just referenced an anime. So what, it’s my blog.

It’s so important to never underestimate the journey. Once you’ve reached the end, you’ll appreciate it. You’d be happy you weren’t fast tracked as you may miss vital information along the way. Some things wouldn’t of processed correctly. You can’t compare your life to someone else; you both walk, but on separate paths unique to yourselves.

Remember to take your time. Yes, work hard. Schedule things. Have a plan. But just know that it may not happen in your time. It will happen when it has to happen.

No one said the journey is easy.

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