Size doesn’t matter, bro.

The end. See you in 2020.

Haha but seriously…  why do we think it does? Why does the size of our penis determine how much of a man we are? How did we get there? I don’t remember this ever being a point of discussion when I was 8 years old. I cared about toys, games, Manchester United, TV shows and McDonald’s.


Spare a minute and ask yourself that question.

I know what caused it.


It seeped in my life at a young age, the time when I started going through puberty. My innocent eyes embarked upon well-endowed males having sex with women who look like they’re enjoying it. I was confused as sex was foreign to me, my parents did a good job protecting me. After watching a few videos, I looked at myself. I thought:

my penis compared to his can never satisfy a womanLook at her expressions man, sigh.

I’m still a virgin until I’m married (amen!), so how could I be thinking like this? Not having the experience of sex obliterated any idea that:

pornography can’t be real, it has to be real.

I was never upset or concerned about my penis size in early stages of life, not until I watched hours upon hours of pornography every week. It rewired my brain. Images of men who looked younger than me were performing sex on women double their age – it frazzled my mind. Me, who was once happy about his size, was now worried it wouldn’t do anything as if I’ve had a lot of sex and in return received feedback! I obsessed over having a penis as long as my arm. The penis enlargement ads on porn sites looked more attractive every week. But something became off to me recently… very off.

To have eternal happiness because I have an elephant’s trunk in my size small boxers? That doesn’t sound right. Because I realised it isn’t the size that matters…

it was people’s opinions.

I looked at comments from people who watched the same porn videos as me. It affected me. My thinking became staggered. Every person talked about how the male performer’s penis was:

  • perfect, the ideal size
  • maintained to have an erection for a long time without going soft
  • enough to penetrate the vagina like a master because the size made it possible to have sex in multiple ways

I allowed those comments to be apart of my identity. It was the driving force of how I looked at women differently.

I had to stop, think, and ask myself if life is centred around my penis. Would I die because it’s not as well-endowed as everyone else I see in porn?

I won’t.

And you won’t as you.

It doesn’t matter what your family, ex’s, strangers, associates or friends say about yours. They aren’t the one living with your penis. You are.

Just look at the points I previously discussed. Next to it is how porn is manipulated:

  1. perfect, the ideal size. – No (in some cases). Camera angles, women constantly mentioning how big it is during penetration, close ups and shaving the pubic area make it look bigger than you think.
  2. maintained to have an erection for a long time without going soft – Viagra is your answer. Because most men treat porn as a job, it’s not the articulate body or sexy appeal of a woman that turns them on. I was shocked too.
  3. enough to penetrate the vagina like a master because the size made it possible to have sex in multiple ways – You as the man should explore the woman’s body to find what makes her tick (with consent). What are her g-spots? It’s more than just the clitoris…

I know right? Just like Hollywood movies: they aren’t real.

Pornography studios have mastered the art of deception to those unwilling to separate fake from reality. It took me a long time. But I got there.

Lastly. Some advice from me to you:

Don’t buy into those self-sabotaging penis enlargement products and services – you’re doing more harm for your health than good. Be happy in your own skin. Think happy thoughts in your past when you never thought about your penis size. I understand it cannot just tick like a switch. It will take time.

I’m still struggling, but I’m edging closer to victory everyday I live. What helps me is replacing time dedicated to porn with something different. Playing your favourite game or reading great novels. My best friend keeps me accountable too. Don’t be afraid to tell your closest friend, they will respect you more than you think!

If you want to speak anonymously about your story to me, please feel free to use the Contact Form and I’ll get back to you.

I hope this blessed you.




Part 2, perhaps…?


Sources: Your Brain on Porn by Gary Wilson,

3 thoughts on “Size doesn’t matter, bro.

  1. Bro, you’re such an inspiration.
    This has defo got to be your most raw, personal but needed post for others to feel comfortable and confident with themselves.

    Thank you for your honesty, and advice.. forever supporting any and everything you do

    Clo xx


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