Start your goals now


Unless you have a legitimate reason for starting later – why don’t you stop reading this and start now?




You didn’t stop, did you? Why? Or maybe you’re reading this whilst Netflix is on (wow, thank you!). But that’s a bad habit you need to break.

The real truth is that most of us are too scared to take that first step. It’s daunting. I know that feeling. I consistently set a reminder for something I know I can do now, for tomorrow. It’s really bad. I’m robbing tomorrow’s time for today – what could be completed now I’m invalidating it with something else not worth the time! 

–  Okay Femi. How can I start now?

Simple. Read the second sentence from the top.

–  It’s not that easy!

Right, I got you. You should break down your goal(s) into smaller goals so it’s less daunting and more easier for you to start. For example:

  1. Instead of writing “Lose weight” as it’s very broad, write something like “Lose 6kg over 6 months by cardio/HIIT training beginning December 28th” as you can measure your progress every month to lose 1kg (realistically). You’ve put how you’d do it and when to accomplish it by.
  2. Another one can be “Read 15 books by end of 2019”. Instead, what genre will you want to read? Theology books take longer to read as the information is more substantial. How long does it take you to read a book? How much time can you spare reading a day? When you’ve worked this out, you can set something you can reach.

The more planned out your goals are, the more chance you have of going after it. Why? You know what you want, how you’re going to accomplish it and how you’ll measure it. Go as far as adding how you’d get out your comfort zone. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I did learn something in school: they need to be SMART targets.

It’s good to plan, don’t spend so much time doing it that you use it as escapism to dodge what you want to do (I’m guilty of this). Find a balance. Spend enough time making sure it’s what you want. You’d end up being the thinker and not the doer.

Lastly, keep your goal list short. It does feel like a heavy weight having something as cumbersome as 20 goals but if you love that thrill and have been excelling in long lists then go for it! I have 6 – I’ve started on 2.

Happy new year 🙏🏾, and I want to hear at the end of 2019 how you conquered your goals! Even if it’s just one, one is better than zero.

And to all my readers such as yourself reading this, thank you so much for reading my blogs. If there’s anything I can improve on, or something you want me to talk about, hit up my contact page and I’ll get back to you. More consistent and quality posts in 2019! Let’s go.

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