Everything is a lie…

…on social media. Just like the title… clickbait!

What am I referring to? Everything! What, even on Facebook? Yes! You name it: news, pictures, videos, comments… the list is endless. You have to be so cautious nowadays because you end up mixing truth with lies.

Why is this a problem? I’ll tell you: social media wants flawlessness in a flawed world.

Okay, before you shoot me: There is good social media (I think I’ll write a post on that). For example, communicating with friends any time of the day at the luxury of your hands? Amazing! But this post refers to those specifically trying to kill themselves over the number of interactions they get + struggling with their identity.

Let me break down the last sentence for you. From my own research + what I’ve received from many people in various meetings, there is the perfect man ideology that exists on social media. More so on Instagram. What is it you say? I can’t pinpoint all but here’s a few based on opinions of others:

  • 4/6/8 pack
  • Buttery smooth skin or rough with a non-patchy beard
  • 6ft+ in height
  • Ripped, bulky or slim, max. 17% body fat
  • Size UK 10/US 11 shoe size or above
  • Well endowed
  • Minimum can do one: sing/dance/act
  • Great network (friends & pictures with celebrities, investors, motivational speakers etc.)
  • Expensive clothing rarely repeating what’s worn per post (whereby it being subtle or abstract)
  • 100,000+ followers… (debatable though, some women prefer if men aren’t online at all)

Now, does the common man have all the above? Well, I know I don’t. But I’m okay with that and I’ll tell you why.

I have a choice.

I can choose to be upset that those men exist online, I can choose to live up to someone else’s expectation of a man, or I can choose to live my life. I can’t allow 2D images of someone I’ve never seen in my life dictate the way I live. Even if I knew them personally, I’d want to be happy for them but learn not to be envious.

Remember, every woman has a different opinion of who their ideal mate is. It will be you, and it other times it won’t be you.

Side note: women will like you for YOU. It’s not a trap bro. Surprised? Don’t be! So stop flexing if that’s not you!

I personally choose not to indulge myself in people’s lifestyle opposite to mine (by constantly watching their stories, liking, commenting and overall engaging) as it did affect me. I was worried more about the engagement of my content than the quality of itThis is one of many ways it can lead to depression.

Moral of the story: find your identity in what you love doing. Be the best at it and you will attract organic engagement. You don’t need to buy likes to pretend you’re something your not. One person reached out to me on LinkedIn (of all social medias!) just to say I’m their biggest fan. That one person made my day. If that can happen to simple young me, it can to you.

I hope you learn’t something.

Part 2, perhaps? Who knows…

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