Boy, am I glad I can participate in this? I’ve waited years for this opportune time. My uni friends are probably throwing a party that I can finally shave something on my face. How nice of them…

What is Movember you ask? Started in 2003, it was created to raise awareness for men’s issues in health; such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide.

Look at this: did you know that men account for 3/4 suicides in the UK? So for every 4 suicides, 3 of them are male. Wow. Let that sink in.

Okay, so what will I do? I’ll be growing out my moustache as if it would even grow and run a total of 60km over the month in order to raise money for Movember. If you could donate as little as £1, that goes a long way and I would appreciate it honestly.

You can donate by clicking here

All the money raised will be put back into running Movember every year, investing in services to help men in all areas listed above.

I will follow up on December 1st to post the results and see if I’ve met the target. Let’s go!

We always say we want to do something, let’s actually do it instead of talk about it.

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