A new beginning starts with you

It doesn’t start in the new year. It starts whenever you want it to start.

You can do something about it right now as you read this, or in 20 years time – your choice.

Write what you want to do, then decide when you want to do it.

However as a guy, it feels difficult to determine when to start anything. I’ll tell you why:

Society has a lovely way of analysing male behaviour especially social media don’t get me started. If you have a plan but take too long to execute it, we are labelled the following:

  • wuss
  • scared
  • not man enough

Similarly, if you have a plan and jump into it quickly, we hear:

  • “you didn’t plan enough, this might not work”
  • “fail to plan? You planned to fail”

But did you notice something? The ones who complain about YOU starting something quickly (or starting something in the first place) are usually the ones who are in the planning stages for a long time almost seeming like eternity. If I had to be honest, those people contain bad energy and drink envy to quench it.

I’ve started so many things since secondary school; created my own t-shirts, printed hoodies, sold merchandise on eBay like luxury belts and trainers, did photography, made YouTube videos don’t ask for the link, acting and now this blog. If I had listened to those people above, this blog would cease to exist.

How did I do the above? I had good people around me who pushed me. How to find good people? Watch how they speak about others. If it’s more bad than good, stay away. If it’s the opposite, stay close.

What am I saying in a nut-shell? Listen to yourself. Trust when YOU think it’s best to execute the ideas you have. Our circumstances are so different that it doesn’t make sense to compare your plans with mine. We are different!

On my way home in a cab, the driver told me something I’ll never forget: Son, it doesn’t matter what you do in life, people will always have something to complain about.

Bless and peace



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